May 17, 2017

Food & Beer Tasting Featuring Stoup Brewing and The Beeroness


Join the Seattle chapter of Barley’s Angels as they present “Food & Beer Tasting Featuring Stoup Brewing and The Beeroness.”

This event will be hosted by Stoup in the new “Upstairs” lounge area with private balcony overlooking the lively beer garden.  The Beeroness will be featuring Stoup infused appetizers and discussing the basics of food and beer pairings;  How to create a menu, where to start, what are some home run pairings, where to focus when pairing and how to know your pairing is solid.

The event is ticketed entry only from 12-2pm on June 11th, 2017.  Ticket includes first pint with gratuity and all food. We will have a dedicated Stoup beertender talking us through their beers. Additional sample size tasters and pints will be available for purchase. Upstairs lounge opens to public at 2pm.

About Jackie, The Beeroness:
Jackie Dodds beer infused recipes earned her a spot as a finalist for Saveur Magazines Best Original Recipes, 2014 as well as crowned winner for Best Beer Coverage in 2015. The Beeroness was also a finalist for Better Homes and Gardens Best Food Blogs, 2015. She has been seen on The Today Show, Lifetime Network, CBS News, as well as interviewed in print publications such as Imbibe, Bite and The San Francisco Chronicle. She also writes for Parade Magazine, Draft Magazine and Whisk Magazine. She is also the author of The Craft Beer Cookbook and the newly released Craft Beer Bites Cookbook.

About Stoup Brewing:
Stoup Brewing is a long held dream of Brad Benson and Lara Zahaba  two hopeless drink and chow hounds.  That the two found each other twenty years ago seems fated  Brad, a scientist to the very last DNA strand, would proffer a hypothesis based on proximity and human nature, were sure (ahem). Whatever your take, the takeaway is this: Brad loves beer and has been a loyal student, courter, and crafter for years that number beyond his fingers and toes.  Lara loves all things gastro  from a savory plate to a smart pour. The pair, professionally and recreationally, have spent the better part of their hours improving their palates quality of life.  It was only a matter of time before they ponied up and joined the community of talented purveyors.

About Barley’s Angels, Seattle Chapter:
Barley’s Angels Seattle is part of a collection of independent chapters that span the globe. We were birthed out of the Pink Boots Society, a professional association for women in beer, and began to fly on our own May 2012. Our mission is to grow the sisterhood of women craft beer enthusiasts world wide and we intend to do that through education. To know beer is to love beer. If youre not a beer fan, you havent had the right beer yet!