Treasure Chest with Green Flash Brewing Co.

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Breast Cancer research is near and dear to Green Flash Brewing Co. as their co-founder is a survivor. She started the Treasure Chest fundraising program four years ago.

Barley’s Angels is joining Green Flash Brewing as the program goes national!
Treasure Chest 2014 Green Flash Brewing Co.

They want our help & ideas for events!

If you are interested in helping plan a Treasure Chest event, please contact me at Green Flash wants to know what days and where around the Northwest you want to hold an event. They will help with everything else!

They are currently looking for event spot ideas in these locations:

  • Olympia, WA
  • West Seattle, WA
  • Capitol Hill, Seattle WA
  • Spokane, WA
  • Ballard/Fremont/Greenwood, Seattle, WA
  • Snohomish, WA
  • Roosevelt, Seattle, WA
  • Northgate,WA
  • Have somewhere else in mind? Let us know!

Leave a comment here or email me directly.

From Green Flash Brewing Co.’s site:

Lisa’s Story

This year, we have many reasons to celebrate. I am grateful to be four years cancer free and thrilled to present the 4TH annual Treasure Chest campaign. To date, we have raised over $90,000 for regional breast cancer charities through our national Treasure Chest program. The momentum and excitement for this fundraiser grows stronger with every passing year.  In addition to hosting our annual Treasure Chest Fest at the brewery in San Diego, we will kick off a 1ST annual festival at the Green Flash site in Virginia Beach, and our Green Flash Road Warriors will travel the country to support Treasure Chest events from coast to coast. With your support, I know we can exceed our fundraising goals this year and increase donations to the breast cancer affilites in each market. Thank you joining us in our mission by hosting a Treasure Chest event! Together, we will continue to raise a glass to find a cure.

—LISA HINKLEY, Co-founder and VP of Marketing, Green Flash Brewing Co.


Brewshed Happy Hour

Brewshed® Happy Hour @ Lantern Brewing

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Feel like a frosty pint of brew made with beautiful Washington water?

Great! Then you should join
Barley’s Angels Seattle,
Washington Brewshed Alliance,
and Lantern Brewing
Aug 7th, 4-9PM
Good Beer, Great People, and Brewshed® Fun Times!

Lantern Brewing is not usually open on a Thursday but has offered to invite us in, share their beer, and give us a tour. (They will open to the general public this day as well). Since this is a collaboration event and not just BAS, males are welcome too!

Brewshed® Happy Hours are informal mingling events and an excuse to drink a great Washington beer- and for a cause!  We host at least one Brewshed® event a month throughout the state.  During these events we discuss the connection between high quality water that makes even better beer over a pint.  After the event the brewery donates $1 per beer sold to Washington Wild.

Brewshed® Happy Hour @ Lantern Brewing


Pints For PAWS

Pints For PAWS

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Join us at Lowercase Brewing as we raise our beers for our four-legged PAWS friends.

One dollar from each beer purchased will be donated to PAWS to help animals in need. We will also be selling raffle tickets for your chance to win great prizes. All proceeds will go to PAWS.

Friendly/social dogs are welcome!

Pints for Paws at Lowercase BrewingIf it’s nice out, Lowercase will even open up the garage door to additional outdoor seating.

We are also doing a snack food potluck, so please try and bring some sort of finger food. (Lowercase does sell some limited food – seen here – so no worries if you can’t bring something)

The owners will talk to us about their beer and brewery and we’ll maybe even watch an amazing short video about how their brewery came together.

Lowercase Brewing
8103 8th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98108

Wed June 18, 2014

p.s. This is a female only event, but male DD’s are welcome




Bacon and Beer at Safeco Field

Bacon and Beer at Safeco Field

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Bacon and Beer Classic at Safeco Field May 17, 2014

Seattle Beer Week 2014 is well under way and our moody weather has decided to play nice this year! The forecasts are calling for sun and high temps all week so get out there and enjoy some beer and vitamin D!

Better yet, come join us at Safeco Field Saturday May 17th for the Bacon and Beer Classic which is also part of Seattle Beer Week! Just imagine it… a cool craft beer in one hand, delicious bacon food in the other, walking around the ballpark with awesome people in the Northwest sun!?! You can count me in and then some!

Get tickets for Bacon and Beer:

Details and how to get there:!when/c1lc1

A group of Barley’s Angels will be going together for the noon-4pm session. If you want to join us, be sure to purchase a ticket for the 12pm-4pm session and then RSVP via our Meetup event @ so we know to wait for you.  We will be meeting up at Henry’s Tavern between 11-11:30am. ( )   I hope to see a bunch of you there, Cheers!

P.S. Since Barley’s Angels is not hosting this event, males are welcome to join as well, but of course beer-loving women are strongly encouraged 🙂
Bacon and Beer at Safeco Field

who: Everyone is invited
Session: 12pm-4pm session
Meet At: meet at Henry’s Tavern @ 11-11:30
Tickets: Eventbrite and Groupon
RSVP: Join us!


Thirsty Sisters – Women in Beer 2014 Event

Women and Beer Presents- Third Annual Thirsty Sisters Event

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Join Barley’s Angels Seattle at The Third Annual Women in Beer Thirsty Sisters Event!

This year’s event will take place Monday May 12, 2014. This is a food and beer tasting event, open to the general public (women encouraged, men welcome!). We will be celebrating women in beer: drinking beer, spirit and wine brewed by women, and tasting food created and cooked by women-owned businesses.

Barley’s Angels Seattle has been invited to be part of this amazing event! A couple home-brewing Angels will be offering up their home brew! We will also share a table with The Beeroness who will have some of her delicious food made with beer. Be sure to look for us!

Beers we will be offering: 
Manolo IPA – Brewed by Courtney Merino (Angel & self-employed graphic designer)
Rapture Red – Brewed by Valerie Myers (Angel & CPA at NewParadigmUS)


Your ticket ($35) entitles you to all food samples and 10 tickets for alcoholic beverage pours. (Additional drink tickets can be purchased at the event)

Tickets can be purchased here:

The Pike Brewing Company, The Ram in Puyallup, Peddlers Brewing, Populuxe, Island Hoppin’ Brewery, DerBlokken Brewery, Airways Brewing Company, Elysian, Spinnaker Bay Brewing, New Belgium, Stoup Brewing, Deschutes Brewery,  Finnriver Farm Cidery, Sky River Brewing, Full Throttle Bottles, Copperworks, Brovo Spirits, Farmbox Greens, Taylor Shellfish, Bravehorse, Andaluca, Café Lago, Glendale Shepherd Cheese, Mt. Townsend Creamery, Cherry Valley Dairy, Tease Chocolates, Social Ice Cream, Luv Macaroons, Barley’s Angels Seattle

Please note – this event is for ages 21+



Beer, Beauties, and Cinnamon Rolls

Barleys Angels Seattle First Event

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Barley’s Angels Seattle has its inaugural event yesterday at Big Al Brewing in South Seattle.

Was it a successful beer event? Hell yeah it was!

We had guest speaker Jackie Dodd of The Beeroness come speak to us about cooking with beer. She also brought with her some craft beer cinnamon rolls made with coffee stout from Seattle’s own Elysian Brewing Company. (Can you say Tasty?!) Big Al himself talked to us about 5 different beers we tried, ranging from Pales on up to the extremely hoppy Hop Villain Cascadian Dark Ale. It was a great turn out with a lot of amazing ladies! The fun didn’t stop till closing, and even then we didn’t want to leave. I can’t wait for our next event! We will be at Seattle Beer Week May 12 at Pike Place Brewing but we are also currently working on another event that might even happen before that. Stay tuned and in the meantime, enjoy a beer!


Our First Event!

Barley's Angels Seattle April 6 at 4pm beer tasting event

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Beer food with The Beeroness and beer tasting with Big Al Brewing

Join Barley’s Angels Seattle’s event
@ Big Al Brewing
Big Al Brewing
Sunday, April 6th @ 4pm

 With Guest Speaker:
The Beeroness

(learn more here:

Price: $12 and includes food and beer tasters (Additional beers can be purchased downstairs.)

The Beeroness will give us an overview of cooking with beer as we enjoy a delicious dish made by the Beeroness herself. We will also enjoy 5 different tasters of Big Al’s beer. And because we are extremely lucky, Big Al himself will join us and discuss the beers that we will be drinking.

There will be raffles and prizes!


Beer food with Beeroness and Beer tasting with Big Al Brewing

Note: Barley’s Angels is a group for women focused on craft beer. If your male significant others want to come along, leave them downstairs in the tasting room. They will be well taken care of 🙂



UPDATE – Elysian of BOOM IPA

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The Seattle Seahawks brought home a Super Bowl Championship and a Lombardi Trophy. Because of this, Elysian Brewing Company is bringing Seattle Class Craft Beer to Colorado. Read the full story and press release over at the Washington Beer blog.

Previous Story Below:

A Super Bowl champion and Lombardi Trophy won’t be the only things on the line come this Sunday.

From local breweries to public libraries, businesses and organizations in Washington and Colorado are placing some serious Superbowl bets on who will arise as number one.

1.) One of the most intriguing Superbowl bets is between Elysian Brewing Company of Seattle and West Flanders Brewing of Boulder. Here are the stakes:

  • The winning brewery will fly out (at the losing brewery’s expense) and take over the losing brewery.
  • The winning brewery will craft a victory beer of their choosing and serve it at the losing bar.
  • The losing bar must also fly the winning team’s flag at their bar for two weeks or until the victors beer runs out, whichever happens first.

Elysian Brewery_SeahawksCo-founder of Elysian David Buhler had this to say. “I cannot wait to see the Seahawks flag raised in Colorado. The NFL’s top-ranked defense against the top-ranked offense makes this one of the most epic Super Bowl games ever. But the Hawks secondary is going to dismantle Manning and our offense will be in Beast Mode.”

West Flanders head brewer Brian Lutz. responded by saying “I already have the Broncos flag folded up in a Fed Ex envelope with Elysian’s address.  The Seahawks are a great team, but Manning and the Broncos are gonna stampede to victory in New Jersey.”

West Flanders co-founder Mark Heinritz did have a couple nice things to say about Washington state. “The state of Washington has excellent breweries, incredible hop fields, and the second-best football team in the NFL,” but ended that thought with “the Broncos will beat the Seahawks.”

(See full press release here)

Battle of the BBBs2.) Another one of the Superbowl bets are between the Better Business Bureaus of Western Washington and Denver/Boulder. It’s a popularity contest. The BBB with the most Facebook likes on certain posts by kick-off wins. The losing BBB’s CEO will wear the winning BBB’s team colors next week after the game.

3.) As a great way to take the energy we have around our amazing Seahawks and turn it into something great for our community, the United Methodist Churches of Seattle and Denver are having a food-drive challenge leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII. To learn more or contribute, click here.

4.) The Seattle and Denver Art Museums are placing their Superbowl bets too. The losing museum must release a work of art to the winning museum. Both museums have offered a work of art and are leaving the artwork’s fate in the hands of their respective teams.

5.) A recruiting battle has begun between the Seattle Army Recruiting Battalion and the Denver Army Recruiting Battalion. For one week leading up to Superbowl, the battalion with the fewest recruit commitments will have to take a picture in front of the Seahawks or Broncos stadium wearing the opposing team’s gear. If the Seahawks win, the Seattle battalion will be sent either a batch of green chile or some elk or buffalo jerky. If the Broncos win, the Denver Army Recruiting Battalion will receive five pounds of Seattle’s Best or Starbucks coffee.

I don’t know about you guys, but I sure can’t wait to see these Superbowl bets play out and see Seahawks flags and gear all over Colorado for the week following the Superbowl. And I’m even from Colorado. Now with that said, GO HAWKS!


Ninkasi Infographic: Brewing Process

ninkasi brewing process

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Confused by the brewing process?

The brewing process can sometimes be very complicated and other times, quite straight forward. What’s awesome is when a successful beer company like Ninkasi shares their process with beer lovers alike. They aren’t passing on their recipes (they need to stay unique somehow, right?) but they did create an amazing infographic showing their brewing process from beginning to end. And when I say beginning to end, I don’t mean from boiling water to final beer, I mean from the very beginning to the very, very end. From when hops are still happy little nuggets on a vine, to when the final beer arrives at your neighborhood bar in your hand ready to be drank!  brewing process infographic

As a homebrewer, I find it exciting to see the brewing process I am doing, only on a much bigger scale (and with obviously a great brewery attached to it). Check out this brewing process inforgraphic and see if you can follow along.


Brewhouse full of beer soap

beer soap from local soap company

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Ah yes, it’s indeed a monday. Time to clean up after a weekend of rain, wind, and football in Seattle. (Though what a great weekend it was!) Luckily local store owner and soap maker Shelly Holbrook-Ebeling has made getting clean fun again with handmade beer soap!

The Seattle Soap Shop - Beer soap

Check out her Brewhouse of soaps made from actual beer! With soaps like Raspberry Porter Beer Soap and Spiced Honey Ale Beer Soap, I’m not sure whether to get lathered up with them or eat them! (though I have been informed that lathering is probably the best option).  And if awesome beer soap isn’t enough for you, she also has limited edition Seattle Seahawks hand soap!

(Mention Barleys Angels when you make a beer soap or Seahawks purchase and receive half off your ticket to our next beer event!)